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Fort Worth Avenue Corridor Land Use and Urban Design Plan

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Year of Adoption: January 2005

Council Districts: 1, 3, 6


The Fort Worth Avenue Corridor Land Use and Urban Design Plan covers about 236 acres along a 3 and a third mile corridor along Fort Worth avenue. The corridor, that varies in width from 1/8 to 1/4 of a mile, extends from Beckley Avenue to the east to Westmoreland Road to the west.  


To "…create a more balanced mix of neighborhood friendly development; improve and support the overall stability of existing single family residential neighborhoods that abut the corridor; incorporate high quality development and redevelopment; enhance pedestrian connections between neighborhoods across the corridor; respect the value of historic properties; and address infrastructure and transportation needs".


In March 2003, Dallas City Council directed the Development Services Department to conduct the Fort Worth Avenue Corridor Land Use and Urban Design Plan. A Steering Committee led the effort and included key City departments, other governmental agencies, area residents, property and business owners. The Fort Worth Avenue Development Group (FWADG) helped organize broad-based representation of area residential, business, property owner and citizen interests.

The study analysis examined needs associated with code compliance, economic development, infrastructure improvements, crime and public safety, transportation, land use, and zoning. The plan identifies opportunities to create a more walkable, mixed use urban development pattern.

The plan provides a 'vision' of the community's desires for re-development and lists the tools needed to get there.  Special Purpose District (PD 714), the West Commerce Street/Fort Worth Avenue Special Purpose District, was adopted in February 2005 using the study as its basis.    


Fort Worth Avenue Corridor Land Use and Urban Design Plan

Additional Information:   

West Dallas Comprehensive Land Use Study, Revised May 1999.  As a prior initiative, this study is intended to be used as a planning tool to preliminarily guide decisions about land use, capital improvements, housing, transportation, economic development, environmental conditions, parks and open space.

Fort Worth Avenue Visioning and Conceptual Land Use Study, 2003. This visioning study and community participation greatly influenced the precedent and development of the Fort Worth Corridor Land Use and Urban Design Plan.

Trinity River Corridor Comprehensive Land Use Study 2005, Revised 2009. provides guidance for land use and urban design in association with the expanded study for the Trinity River Corridor.

West Dallas Urban Structure & Guidelines Area Plan, 2011 The plan outlines urban guidelines on park and open space, street and public realm guidelines and architecture, allowing for flexibility and adaptability over time as development unfolds.

Fort Worth Avenue TIF District was created in June 2007 to provide a source funding for public infrastructure improvements necessary to enhance the real estate market for the area.

West Commerce Street Fort Worth Avenue Special Purpose District (PD 714) was created in February 2005 after the adoption of the Fort Worth Avenue Land Use and Urban Design Plan to provide policy guidance and inform mixed use development standards and urban design guidelines. PD 714 introduces a series of sub districts that provide specific language to help inform better design decisions desired by the community.