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Dallas Neighborhood Organizations Map

How To Sign Up?

Are you the leader of your Homeowner Association (HOA) or Neighborhood Association (NA)? Sign-up to improve communication and stay informed about City activities.
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Who Should Sign Up?

  • Homeowners Associations (HOA): A homeowners association is a legal entity created at the time of development of a residential subdivision, planned community or condominium property. An HOA enforces rules and manages common areas within its boundary. Membership is typically mandatory for all property owners within its boundary.
  • Neighborhood Associations (NA): A neighborhood association is a voluntary group of neighborhood residents who work together to improve or maintain a residential area within a defined boundary.  NAs are typically set up through engagement of homeowners, have a board of directors and bylaws, and hold periodic meetings.
  • Neighborhood Coalition Groups: A neighborhood coalition group is a larger organization of residents and other stakeholders that includes within its boundaries two or more HOAs or NAs.  Neighborhood coalitions are typically created to advance one or more shared interests among the member organizations.

What is the Neighborhood Organization Map (NOM):

The purpose of the Neighborhood Organization Map (NOM) is to show the locations of Homeowner Associations (HOA), Neighborhood Associations (NA), and Neighborhood Coalitions, as defined by the organizations themselves. It is not intended to show other types of civic or religious organizations. The map does not include all Dallas HOAs, NAs and Neighborhood Coalitions, but rather includes organizations that have voluntarily signed up with the City of Dallas. 

Benefits of Signing Up:
  • Receive City communications from multiple City departments about important neighborhood resources and citywide or local events concerning your neighborhood. 
  • Take advantage of a variety of grant opportunities and neighborhood organization capacity building offerings provided by the City of Dallas and other partners. 
  • Be featured on an interactive online map to enable prospective residents and others to be aware of your existence.
Using the Interactive Map

Click here or on the map above 

To access the Dallas Neighborhood Organizations Map LEGEND, click on the "Layers" menu option located at the top left corner of the interactive map. Four types of neighborhood organizations are shown in the legend.  The darker shades represent organization overlaps. Click on any area of the map that you are interested in and a pop up box will provide additional information.

Association Type
​Color on the Map

Confirmed Homeowner AssociationsHot pink shades
Confirmed Neighborhood AssociationsGold shades
Neighborhood CoalitionsLight pink shades
​Unconfirmed Neighborhood Organization
​Grey shades

Organization Boundaries

The Dallas Neighborhood Organizations Map shows situations where organization boundaries overlap. It is to be expected that Neighborhood Coalitions boundaries will overlap with Neighborhood Associations and Homeowner Associations. Other instances of boundary overlaps indicate that these organizations are likely not fully aware of each other's existence. The map shows boundaries as defined by the organization leaders.  We ask that neighborhood organizations work together to resolve these unintended overlapping boundaries.  Over time we expect these discrepancies to be resolved.  

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