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What is the HOA+NA Map

The purpose of the HOA+NA Map is to show the location of Homeowner Associations (HOA), Neighborhood Associations (NA), and Neighborhood Coalitions. These neighborhood-based organizations are either legally established or created voluntarily through active community engagement and participation. The map enables HOAs, NAs and Neighborhood Coalitions to voluntarily make everyone aware of their existence.  It does not represent an exhaustive list of all Dallas HOAs, NAs and Neighborhood Coalitions.  It also is not intended to show other types of civic or religious organizations. 

Using the Interactive Map

Click here or on Map graphic above to view the map. 

To access the HOA+NA map LEGEND, click on the "Layers" menu option located at the top left corner of the interactive map. Three types of neighborhood organizations are shown in the legend.  The darker shades represent overlaps.

Homeowner AssociationsBlue shades
Neighborhood AssociationsGreen shades
Neighborhood CoalitionsBlack dashed outline

Click on any area of the map that you are interested in and a pop up box will show the following:

The number of organizations represented in the area clicked on
Type of organization
Name of Organization
Website link, if provided by the organization

Organization Boundaries

The HOA+NA Map shows situations where organization boundaries overlap. It is to be expected that Neighborhood Coalitions boundaries will overlap with Neighborhood Associations and Homeowner Associations. Other instances of boundary overlaps indicate that these organizations are likely not fully aware of each other's existence. The map shows boundaries as defined by the organization leaders.  We ask that neighborhood organizations work together to resolve these unintended overlapping boundaries.  Over time we expect these discrepancies to be resolved.