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​LBJ/Skillman Urban Planning Initiative Study




Year of Adoption: October 2014

Council District10


The LBJ / Skillman Urban Planning Initiative Study covers a 703 acre portion of Lake Highlands, located between Royal Lane, Forest Lane, Arbor Park Drive and the Atchison, Topeka, Santa Fe Railroad.


The Vision represents the aspirations of the community to be used as a long-term guide for decisions that will that will affect the development and redevelopment opportunities for the study area.


This plan was developed through a partnership of  the Lake Highlands Area Improvement Association, City of Dallas and the NCTCOG's Sustainability Development Program. The intent of the Sustainability Development Program is to reduce auto emissions and support sustainable growth in the North Central Texas region. 

The purpose of this study is to identify redevelopment and new transit oriented development opportunities to provide sustainable living, positive economic growth, cultural opportunities and increased safety throughout this strategic focus area as identified in the City of Dallas' Comprehensive plan, forward Dallas!  The study concentrates on land use and circulation patterns, multi-family densities and transit orientated development opportunities related to the LBJ / Skillman, DART LRT Station.

The study consists of four main components:

  1. Existing Conditions: an analysis of market data, land use transportation patterns and impacts to inform project visioning;
  2. Public Input: consist of surveys, public meetings and roundtable discussions with business owners to shape visioning.
  3. Project Visioning & Recommendations: this section provides a vision for a re-alignment for Skillman Street backed by market analysis as well as Recommendations on Land Use, Mobility and Quality of Life.  
  4. Implementation and Project Opportunities: details actions to further the vision plan's success, with a focus on Economic Development, Land Use, Urban Design, Zoning and Transportation.

Download Plan:  LBJ/Skillman Urban Planning Initiative Study

Download Appendix:  LBJ - Skillman Urban Planning Initiative Study - Appendix.pdf

Additional Information:

​​The significant portion of the LBJ/Skillman Urban Planning Initiative Study area  is included within the  Skillman Corridor TIF District​, leveraging economic development support and was  previously adopted eight years prior, in December 2006.  

The scope of the District 10 Strategic Plan is to document existing conditions and community needs for the area, provide recommendations towards desired community goals related to land use, zoning, economic development, and infrastructure.