Planning & Urban Design

​Comprehensive Ar​​​ea Plans (1999-present)​​​​​​

Comprehensive Area Plans are adopted by City Council to establish land use and development policy in specific areas. The Area Plans provide a greater level of detail than the forwardDallas! Comprehensive Plan.  They are intended to guide future zoning and land development decisions. At times, they result in City-initiated area-wide zoning changes. These plans typically address other comprehensive issues such as transportation, economic development, and urban design. These plans are developed through an inclusive community engagement process. 

Using the Interactive Map

Click here or on the map icon to view an interactive Comprehensive Area Plans map.

To access the Comprehensive Area Plans map LEGEND, click on the "Layers" menu option located at the top left corner of the interactive map. Click on any area of the map that you are interested in and a pop up box will show:

  • The number of plans represented in the area clicked on
  • Name of the plan(s)
  • Links to a web-page with the document and additional information

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List of Comprehensive Area Plans

The Comprehensive Area Plans listed below in alphabetical order date from 1999 to the present. They are each noted as City Initiated plans, Interagency Plans, or as Neighborhood-led plans.

City-initiated plans are undertaken in strategic areas where the city recognizes robust growth or forecasts high real-estate and economic potential.
Interagency Plans are done in collaboration with other public or non-profit entities that partially or fully fund the plan and typically play a lead role in its development.
Neighborhood-Led plans are typically led by proactive neighborhood organizations in collaboration with the City and adopted by City Council. The Planning and Urban Design Department provides technical assistance, review and guidance through the planning process and public adoption process. These plans are managed by the Planning and Urban Design Department.