Planning & Urban Design

​Neighborhood Vitality

​The Planning & Urban Design Department believes that vibrant and strong neighborhoods make a strong city. Learn about some of the ways our staff work with neighborhoods to improve livability, increase walkability, build neighborhood capacity and spur housing options.

​Neighborhood Vitality Team Overview
​Learn how our staff can work with your neighborhood
​Operation Beautification
​Learn about the citywide cleanup hosted twice a year
Community and Neighborhood Cleanup
​Community Cleanup on date other than Operation: Beautification biannual dates
​Cedars Neighborhood Heritage Survey
Learn about the Cedars Neighborhood Survey underway Summer 2016
​Martin Luther King Jr. Center  Water Conservation & Landscape Beautification Project
Water conservation project at the Martin Luther King Center
​Dallas HOA+NA Sign-Up
Learn more about the HOA+NA Sign-Up to better connect community organizations to City departments