Planning & Urban Design


The P+UD Ambassador Program is seeking to engage civic-minded Dallas residents to increase awareness, build understanding and help communicate the value of city planning in land development and neighborhood improvement processes. P+UD Ambassadors will:  

  • Receive training to be an informed neighborhood leader/advocate

  • Learn about and help raise awareness about Dallas' city planning process and how to influence it

  • Build a grass-roots communication network to promote community awareness and help keep your social circles/networks informed about how to be involvement in city planning activities  

  • Be involved in forums to gather ideas on how to improve neighborhoods  


Who Can be a P+UD Ambassador? 

We invite any City of Dallas resident interested in improving Dallas neighborhoods and learning more about City planning to participate, especially: 

    • Neighborhood Leaders
    • College Students
    • Planning, Design and Community Development Professionals

What are the Benefits of being a P+UD Ambassador? 
There are numerous benefits including:

  • You will be among the first to be informed about important Dallas planning initiatives such as the ForwardDallas comprehensive plan update and will have the opportunity to influence these initiatives through your early input.
  • You will receive training on city planning processes, current initiatives, useful data, and learn how to navigate city services. 
  • You will receive training on how to start a neighborhood organization, serve as a neighborhood leader, or participate more effectively in an existing neighborhood organization where you live. 
  • This will be a great way for you to enhance your professional and social network by making connections with a diverse range of civic-minded people who are passionate about improving their neighborhoods. 

What is Expected of a P+UD Ambassador? 

    • Participation in the program for at least one year with an average time commitment of at least 30 to 40 hours annually. Activities include:
      • Participating in capacity building training hosted by PUD, including six one-hour sessions focused on: Ambassador Program Orientation; Navigating City Services; Neighborhood Organization Guide; Land Use Basics; Data is Power and; Neighborhood Planning
      • Staying informed about P+UD planning initiatives and activities via ongoing P+UD communications
      • Sharing P+UD  & Dallas information with your neighbors and in your social circles
        P+UD’s social media posts
      • Promoting the P+UD neighborhood capacity building information

Interested in Becoming a P+UD Ambassador?

It’s easy to get started:  

  1. Complete the Ambassador Application, available in English and Spanish. The max applicants for English speakers has been reached. Only Spanish applicants are accepted. If you are interested in the English training program, please visit in April for the next application period.

  2. After completing the application, you will receive an email with information on the next training session.

  3. Attend a P+UD Ambassador Orientation & Training session

  4. Attend Neighborhood Capacity Building workshops

For more information, email or call 214.671.8900.