Planning & Urban Design

​South Dallas / Fair Park Economic Development Corridor

Year of Adoption:  September, 2001

Council District: 7


The study area is located south-east of the I-30 HOV, south of S Haskell Ave, west of Hatcher St, east of S Lamar St and just north of William Blair Jr. Park. It includes landmarks such as the South Boulevard Park- Park Row Historic District, Fair Park, the Cotton Bowl Stadium and the Starplex Pavilion.


This Economic Development Plan aims to address the impacts of high intensity land uses on commercial corridors on adjacent residential neighborhoods. It also aims to create economic development strategies to encourage desirable development along the area's business corridors.


This plan focuses on providing economic development revitalization strategy recommendations for the Dallas/Fair Park commercial corridor. It provides an analysis of the current conditions of the area, including land use and demographics. Development plan studies of both the neighborhood and community commercial areas are also done to guide zoning and prevent potential negative impacts of mixed use development. Current revitalization initiatives in both the public and private sector were outlined and followed by these fundamental objectives guiding corridor revitalization:


Objective One: Holistic Strategy

Objective Two: Improve Basic Attributes

Objective Three: Increase Resources

Objective Four: Financial Support and Technical Assistance

Objective Five: Encourage Corridor Reinvestment


The plan proposes new strategies and delivery models for revitalization and identifies four development opportunity sites based on project opportunity criteria. Illustrations of these sites demonstrate the main corridor opportunities: Neighborhood Commercial, Community Commercial and Regional Service Commercial.


Download: South Dallas / Fair Park Economic Development Corridor Plan