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​Spring Valley / Coit Urban Design Study

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Year of Adoption: January 2001

Council District: 11


The Spring Valley / Coit Urban Design Study is located north of LBJ Freeway (IH 635), west of Central Expressway (US 75), south of Spring Valley Road (east of Coit Road) and south of Belt Line Road (west of Coit Road and east of Hillcrest Road.


To revitalize the commercial and neighborhood corridors with urban design recommendations to enhance the identity of the study area, with the overall intention to attract economic growth and development.


In 1999, Dallas City Council directed the Department of Planning and Development to conduct an analysis of the existing conditions and to develop urban design proposals for the area. The study focuses on topics: land use, neighborhood revitalization, right-ofway enhancements, stakeholder meetings, and an implementation plan.  Recommendations include:

Zoning and Land Use - The study recommeded rezoning as a potential tool and included land use policy recommendations to help stabilize residential communities.

Open Space and Parks - Study recommendations focused on the Cottonwood and Preston Ridge Trail as a link for schools and parks.

Transportation - Recommendations included improvements to the Spring Valley / Coit and the Coit / Alpha Intersections, and pedestrian crossing improvements.

Urban Design - The study proposed a focusing on pedestrian improvements including sidewalks, driveway modifications and closures, crosswalks, site furnishings, and landscaped medians.   

Economic Development - The study recomended a future 'The Spring Valley / Coit Economic Catalyst Project' to be spearheaded by City of Dallas Economic Development and the formation of area merchants' association.


Spring Valley / Coit Urban Design Study

Additional Information:

The 2011 study overlaps the Neighborhood Plus Target Area Initiative for the Spring Valley Coit Area, which leverages internal and external resources to advance neighborhood revitalization efforts.