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​Vickery Meadow Station Area Plan


Year of Adoption: February 2013

Council District: 13


The Vickery Meadow neighborhood is among the densest residential areas in Dallas, with approximately 11,900 multi-family units mostly located in the southern portion of the district. Commercial, institutional and mixed use development are clustered around the Walnut Hill and Park Lane stations, which are located along the west side of the neighborhood just east of the U.S 75/Central Expressway regional connector.       


Vickery Meadow is envisioned as a welcoming neighborhood that embraces cultural diversity and provides opportunity for area residents through educational enrichment, job training and business support. A critical priority is to transform the area into a walkable district with efficient and safe pedestrian access between residential areas and important destinations, including the Park Lane and Walnut Hill DART stations and nearby amenities such as parks, schools, public facilities, retail centers and commercial services. The Five Points area will benefit from the building and façade improvements, and a safe connection across Greenville Avenue to the Park Lane station. Improvements should occur with sensitivity and care to not displace current residents.   


The intent of the Area Plans and related activities through the HUD Community Challenge Planning Grant program is to spur transformation of Dallas DART station areas through catalytic projects, public-private partnerships, and reuse and rehabilitation of existing buildings. Each Plan outlines an approach to stimulating and guiding redevelopment activities. Primary aspects of this approach involve identification of strategic opportunities, catalyst development sites, character and design guidelines, and implementation actions.

The Vickery Meadow Station Area Plan details specific initiatives to create a better future for the Vickery Meadow area, with attention to reinvigorating housing, addressing land use density, and improving modal connectivity and pedestrian access. The site and development program are expected to create the greatest level of positive change in Vickery Meadow. The plan outlines a development action plan, adaptive re-use action plan and adaptive ruse guidelines. Area-wide strategies are designed to stimulate development and redevelopment activity across the broader Vickery Meadow area. Key strategies related to financing, education, zoning, and transportation will help advance the strategic opportunities outlined in this plan.

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Additional Information:    

The scope of the District 10 Strategic Plan is to document existing conditions and community needs for the area, provide recommendations towards desired community goals related to land use, zoning, economic development, and infrastructure. 

The Vickery Meadow TIF district was created in 2006 to serve as a catalyst model for mixed-use development by redeveloping a functionally and structurally obsolete commercial and rental residential area to take full advantage of the DART light rail system, promote transit-oriented development and implement context-sensitive urban design standards.   

Vickery Meadow Public Improvement District (VMPID) was established in 1993 with the purpose of improving public safety, trash and litter pick-up, and neighborhood improvements,​​ among other strategies.

The Neighborhood Plus Plan is a citywide neighborhood revitalization plan for the City of Dallas. At the center of the Plan are six strategic goals: Collective Impact, Alleviating Poverty, Fighting Blight, Attracting and Retaining the middle class, Increasing Homeownership and Enhancing rental options. Vickery Meadow is 1 of the 11 selected target areas.