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​The Rivers

​The Master Plan for The Rivers was developed in 2014 in collaboration with planners, land owners and City Staff focused on a pedestrian-oriented community integrating a wide variety of housing types,  commercial uses, and community amenities. Master Plan elements include:

  • Compact walkable neighborhoods organized around a clearly defined network of streets.
  • A hierarchical pattern of streets, sidewalks and pedestrian passageways.
  • A combination of community amenities at key location throughout the site.
  • A network of interconnected public spaces and parks.
  • An urban framework with appropriately sized blocks to permit adaptation to changing market conditions, encouraging the sustainability of the larger community.

The Master Plan’s long term vision promotes components of sustainability, through a variety of uses , building types, and an interconnected street network.

Timeline                                         2012 - 2014
Project Impact                           Direct Design
Direct Design Type                Conceptual
Funding Award Amount     N/A
Funding Source                        N/A

For more information or to read the full report click here:  The Rivers.