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​The UNT - Dallas Area Plan





Year of Adoption: December 2009

Council Districts: 3, 8


The forwardDallas! comprehensive plan identifies the UNT-Dallas area as critically important to shape development in Dallas' southern sector. The UNT-Dallas area lies near the IH-20 corridor within a ten-minute drive from downtown Dallas. The plan addresses the area generally bounded by IH-35, IH-20, Ledbetter Road and Lancaster Road.


Future Circulation Vision - The Future Circulation Vision provides policy guidance for future planning and design of transportation networks in the area. The primary intent is to promote alternate modes of transportation, multi-modal connectivity and integration with the UNT-Dallas campus circulation system.

Future Land Development Vision - The UNT-Dallas campus provides the anchor around which a university town environment is envisioned for the area. The primary intent is to preserve established neighborhoods and promote new development patterns that respond to the UNT-Dallas Campus Master Plan and proposed DART light rail stations.

Strategic Opportunity Areas - The UNT-Dallas area's future growth will be triggered by and respond to the university campus as well as the proposed DART stations. Strategic Opportunity Areas were defined around these trigger points to provide a more detailed vision and specific policy direction.


The UNT-Dallas Area Plan establishes a future development vision and strategies for implementation. The University of Texas at Dallas campus area was one of the top priority areas identified in the forwardDallas comprehensive plan for further study.  The UNT-Dallas campus  is the first state university to be established completely within Dallas city limits.  The UNT-Dallas Area Plan has a dual purpose and is consequently organized in two components: The Vision and Policy Plan and the Implementation Program.

  1. The Vision and Policy Plan component updates and refines the forwardDallas! Vision for the area, providing more context specific policy direction to serve as an ongoing guide for future land development.  This component is incorporated into the forwardDallas! Comprehensive Plan through an amending ordinance.
  2. The Implementation Program component focuses on defining specific actions to bring about strategic change needed to realize the vision.  It focuses on a 5 to 7-year planning horizon and will require periodic review and update.

Download Plan: The UNT - Dallas Area Plan

Additional Information:  

Other plans that lie in and around the boundaries of the UNT - Dallas Area Plan are as follows:​

The UNT-Dallas area adjoins the Bonnie View neighborhood, one of eleven Neighborhood Plus Target Areas. Neighborhood Plus is a citywide  neighborhood revitalization plan with six strategic goals: collective impact, alleviating poverty, fighting blight, attracting and retaining the middle class, expanding homeownership, and enhancing rental options.

The UNT-Dallas area overlaps with Education Corridor, a Neighbor Up target area. Neighbor Up is an independent collective impact nonprofit, convened to accelerate the GrowSouth vision and mobilize economic development in three target Southern Dallas neighborhoods. 

The South Oak Cliff Blue Line Extension (SOC-3) extends the Blue Line south approximately 2.6 miles from Ledbetter Station toward the University of North Texas (UNT) Dallas Campus. The extension provides potential development opportunities in the area south of Ledbetter Station to the UNT Dallas Campus. 

Created in 2008, the TOD TIF (Transit-Oriented Development Tax Increment Finance) District ties together development opportunities around eight DART stations, in four sub-districts spread along the DART Red and Blue lines.