Planning & Urban Design

The Bottom Urban Structure and Guidelines

The Bottom Area

Located on a low lying stretch of land adjacent to the Trinity River, The Bottom is geographically among the closest areas to downtown. The Bottom is comprised of 126 acres with direct connections to Downtown Dallas by I-35 and to The Cedars by the Corinth Street Bridge. It is bounded by I-35 to the west, Eighth Street to the south, Corinth Street to the east, and Trinity River Levee to the north The Bottom is also among a growing number of river edge communities discussing revitalization as our city re-focuses its center back to the Trinity River.

Planning Approach

This Urban Structure has been informed, crafted and endorsed through a collective and inclusive process comprised of individual property owners, residents, businesses, civic staff, non-profit organizations, and design specialists. Work sessions have been convened in the community and at Dallas City Hall, and have involved listening to concerns, opportunities, and ideas while discussing options for the future planning of The Bottom. ​

The Bottom Urban Structure and Guidelines have nine fundamental objectives:

1. Create vehicular and pedestrian connections linking existing streets;

2. Preserve and enhance existing single family neighborhood;

3. Develop quality market and affordable infill single family housing;

4. Introduce diverse housing choices west of Denley Drive, including townhomes, live-work, and multi- family increasing density toward IH35;

5. Mixed-use development along 8th Street from I-35 to Brackins Village and along I-35 from 8th to the Trinity River;

6. Enhance existing and add new pedestrian infrastructure and amenities;

7. Make 8th Street a great street;

8. Convert existing open area along 8th Street at Townview into a community plaza; 

9. Develop access paths into the river and invest in public spaces, such an amphitheater and major entry features.

​ Adoption

The Bottom Urban Structure and Guidelines was adopted by Dallas City Council on April 8, 2015.​

View the powerpoint presentation at the City Council briefing.​​

Listen to the City Council Public Hearing on April 8, 2015.