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​West Dallas Urban Structure & Guidelines Area Plan



Year of Adoption: March 2011

Council District: 6


The area is bounded by the Trinity River Levee to the north and east, Sylvan Avenue to the west, and the Tom Landry Turnpike (IH30) to the south. 


The development objectives for the area include:

  1. Preserve, enhance, conserve the La Bajada community in its entirety;
  2. Re-Create Singleton Boulevard and Commerce Street as handsome "parkway" streets entering the inner city;
  3. Create a new neighborhood spine street of retail and services with high-density mixed-use clustered along it;
  4. Step-down in density from the new neighborhood spine east, west and toward La Bajada
  5. Development of three to four (3-4) active mixed-use nodes at major intersections
  6. Allow for incremental rehabilitation and infill re-development of properties east, west, and south of new neighborhood spine as demand emerges, and;
  7. Create a high-density, residentially focused neighborhood along the levee with connections into the Trinity Park.

The area is divided into nine neighborhoods, and is identified for describing a unique character, vision, and combination of land uses for the Urban Structure.


The objective for the Urban Structure is to facilitate the organic revitalization and urbanization of a portion of West Dallas. The Urban Structure outlines both the conservation and revitalization of an established single-family neighborhood. Additionally, it describes incremental and organic change in urban form along with the potential for comprehensive re-development to support a truly livable, sustainable, attractive and engaging community. The plan outlines urban guidelines on park and open space, street and public realm guidelines and architecture. It advocates an approach to implementation that allows for flexibility and adaptability over time as redevelopment unfolds.

Download Plan: West Dallas Urban Structure & Guidelines Area Plan

Additional Information:

Area plans that lie in and around the boundaries of the West Dallas Urban Structure & Guidelines are as follows:

The West Dallas Land Use Study approved in 1999, identifies and inventories all existing land uses and zoning and distinguishes key issues that are the most likely to influence redevelopment and stability of the area.

The Fort Worth Avenue Visioning and Conceptual Land Use Planning Study was approved in 2003, the plan outlines a vision and recommendations for the Fort Worth Avenue corridor.

The Trinity River Corridor Comprehensive Land Use Study 2005 Revised 2009, it is an important tool for the individuals and organizations that make decisions affecting the Trinity River Corridor.  Its broad vision describes the character this corridor should have in the future.

The Fort Worth Avenue Corridor Land Use and Urban Design Study, approved in 2004, provides land use, zoning, and urban design guidelines to direct future decisions and influence policy development along the West Commerce Street/Fort Worth Avenue corridor.

TIF (Tax Increment Financing) plans that lie in and around the boundaries of the West Dallas Urban Structure & Guidelines are as follows:

The Fort Worth Avenue TIF aims at providing employment and redeveloping urban corridors to fully maximize their location and physical and natural assets.

The Sports Arena TIF  was  created in 1998 to fund infrastructure and public  improvements and redevelop surface parking lots that stifled growth in the district.