Planning & Urban Design

​West Davis Land Use Study



Year of Adoption: March 2002

Council Districts: 1, 3, 6


The Plan area consists of the West Davis Street (S.H. 180) Corridor, between Hampton Road to the east, Loop 12 to the west and one block both north and south of the corridor. It includes street intersections, escarpment areas, retail, commercial and residential land uses. 


The primary focus of this study area finding solutions to the zoning, land use, code compliance, and urban design issues facing the West Davis Street area. The goal is a vision for future development as a foundation for amending the zoning and a policy guide for future city actions.


The West Davis Land Use Study revealed a broad variety of problematic and incompatible land use adjacencies within current zoning, code compliance issues, and a deficient Residential Adjacency Review (RAR) process which tended to fall short in protecting commercial impacts to adjacent residential.  The West Davis Street Corridor developed without a consistent development pattern and with a poor relationship to the ‘vehicular oriented’ infrastructure and scale of state highway 180. This urban design deficiency compromises safe pedestrian-oriented uses for a majority of the study area. 

The West Davis Land Use Study solicited community input on Land Use and Zoning, Code Compliance, Urban Design and Economic Development. The corridor study was divided into 5 focus areas.  Recommendations for each area were incorporated into the resulting PD 631 ‘West Davis Special Purpose District’ adopted in 2003 as well as Planned Development 830, and the Davis Street SUP in 2010. 

Download: West Davis Land Use Study

Additional Information:  This Plan overlaps with Planned Development 631, West Davis Special Purpose District, Planned Development 830, Davis Street Special Purpose District and Davis Garden TIF District for the (eastern portion), of the land use study area.