Planning & Urban Design

​Wynnewood Urban Design Guide


Year of Adoption: April 2015

Council District1


The project area includes the Parks at Wynnewood, an apartment home community, and Wynnewood Village Shopping Center, located in Central Oak Cliff. The study area extends between Zang Boulevard to the north, S. Vernon Street to the west, I-35 to the east, and W. Illinois Ave to the south.


The vision of the urban design guide is to serve community stakeholders to shape future development, and for the planning of market-rate development.


The Dallas City Design Studio proposed recommendations to facilitate the redevelopment of the community to include affordable multi-family and low-income senior housing. Within 20 years, 400 low-income units would be developed in phases, and additional development would include market rate housing, retail and office.

The recommendations for Parks at Wynnewood are as follows:        

Phase I: Senior housing (8.5 acres)                                                                                                                 

Phase II: Multi-family housing (3.9 acres)                                                                                                       

Phase III: Multi-family housing (3.35 acres)                                                                                                 

Phase IV: Market-rate development (3.2 acres)

For Wynnewood Village, City Design Studio recommended restoring the relevance and importance of the shopping center. Two potential interventions were illustrated and analyzed. The first scenario was the "light" improvement,  imagining what could occur with minimal changes such as retail facelifts or other cosmetic improvements, and circulation improvements with tandem infill developments. The second scenario, the reconstruction option, re-imagines the arrangement and concentration of retail to accommodate for the inclusion of new residential construction of different scales.

Download:  Wynnewood Urban Design Strategy