Planning & Urban Design

Pl​anning & Neighborhood Vitality

The Planning & Neighborhood Vita​lity department ensures that the City of Dallas leads the cutting edge of planning and urban design in the 21st Century market, focuses on su​pporting vibrant neighborhoods, and creating a more livable Dallas.

Planning & Neighborhood Vitality aligns a number of design and planning activities within one organization. The organization brings together the following department divisions: CityDesign Studio, Housing Planning, Service Area Coordination, Strategic Planning and Mobility Planning.​



Join this city-wide event on Saturday, May 16, 2015. For more information and to register click here​!

​ ​One of the goals of the Planning and Neighborhood Vitality department is to shape housing policy and set a new direction for housing development in Dallas.  The Neighborhood Plus plan was created to strenghten and revitalize neighborhoods by developing collaborative partnerships with local government and agencies within the public and private sector to leverage neighborhood investment opportunities.

City Council Briefings

Neighborhood Plus City Council Briefing 2.18.15​