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​Direct Design Projects

​Jefferson Blvd Street Improvements

​In 2014, staff helped facilitate an effort to inform the programing of bond dollars for planned improvements to Jefferson Blvd. The 2012 Bond Program included $1.47M for capital improvements to the corridor, and through work with the Mayor’s Office and the Grow South initiative and the office of Councilmember Scott Griggs, the City engaged stakeholders through a series of meetings and workshops to develop a concept for improvements along Jefferson Blvd. from Zang to Adams.

The resulting vision for Jefferson includes illustrated the key priorities identified by participants such as upgraded pedestrian facilities at intersections, visual gateway opportunities, improved landscaping and the addition of street trees which work all together to accomplish the vision of a more walkable, pedestrian oriented corridor.

In 2015 this conceptual vision was utilized to inform completed design and engineering drawings facilitating construction is scheduled to be completed by end of 2018.

Timeline                                          2014 - 2018
Project Impact                            Direct Design, Public Outreach, Advisory Services
Funding Award Amount       $1.47 Million
Funding Source                          2012 Bond Program

For more information or to read the full report click here:  Jefferson Blvd Street Improvements.