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​Marilla Makeover Tactical Demonstration Project

​Marilla Street serves as a strong physical connector between the Dallas Farmers Market and Dallas City Hall. Although it has a strategic location, many design and social issues along the corridor need improvements. The street lacks adequate pedestrian facilities, including crosswalks and paved sidewalks, creating an unsafe and unpleasant experience for pedestrians.

The 360 Plan identified Marilla Street as a priority pedestrian improvement project. In 2018, Downtown Dallas, Inc. (DDI) and the City of Dallas partnered to make improvements along the corridor as a part of The 360 Plan implementation. The project, known as the #MarillaMakeover, commenced with a large community walk, known as the Marilla to Market Walk, where a survey was conducted to collect feedback for desired street improvements. Once a preliminary design was conceived, the City of Dallas and DDI worked with surrounding stakeholders and the City Councilmember to receive feedback and make changes to the first design concept. Once a final design was agreed upon, the improvements, including seven new crosswalks, new street trees, street art, and a reconfigured intersection, were installed in Fall 2018. The improvements were celebrated in November 2018 with the #MarillaMakeover Grand Opening, a large street fair with art, music, and food trucks.

Timeline                                        2018
Project Impact                           Direct Design, Public Outreach, Advisory Services  
Funding Award Amount      $10,000 from Downtown Dallas, Inc.
Funding Source                         Downtown Dallas, Inc.

For more information, see the #MarillaMakeover Project Summary.