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​Military Parkway Conceptual Design

​In 2017, Planning and Urban Design was engaged by the office of Councilmember Rickey Callahan to develop a series of conceptual design approaches for improvements to Military Parkway from Lawnview to Buckner Blvd.

Through a study of existing conditions, staff developed a conceptual design approach intended to leverage the unique characteristics of the existing corridor to establish a more walkable, transit friendly beautification proposal for the corridor.

Key elements for the proposal include repaving of traffic lanes, gateway opportunities, drought tolerant landscape improvements, introduction of continuous sidewalks along the length of the corridor, improved infrastructure at DART bus stop locations, and general corridor beautification.

Timeline                                        2017 - 2022
Project Impact                          Direct Design, Advisory Services
Funding Award Amount     $2 Million
Funding Source                        2017 Bond Program

For more information or to read the full report click here:  Military Parkway Conceptual Design.

Military Parkway Bond Program Information