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​West Davis Corridor Study

​West Davis is a unique and diverse corridor with a variety of uses, building types, and sidewalk conditions. Its designation as an autocentric state highway and its current evolution into a local and regional draw has left the street in a state that is not wholly conducive to the emerging character of the neigh-borhoods surrounding it.

In 2011, the City of Dallas hosted a series of meetings to help identify the priorities for improving West Davis as part of the city’s Complete Streets Initiative. From that series of meetings came a list of key priorities for re-imagining the corridor as a street for both pedestrians and automobiles that reflects the future of the district and surrounding neighborhoods.

As part of the City’s 2012 Bond Program, voters approved $979,000 for the West Davis Corridor as a complete street demonstration project. Staff was charged by the Office of Economic Development and the Davis Garden TIF Board to translate the complete street priorities identified in 2011 into a direct design program responding to the specific challenges and opportunities found along the West Davis corridor. Through public input and engagement, a vision and direction for the corridor emerged.

Through a wealth of community input and participation, the West Davis Corridor Study expressed that the West Davis of today must find a respectful balance between its auto-centric past and its clear need for a pedestrian-friendly future.

Timeline                                         2010 - 2020
Project Impact                          Direct Design, Public Outreach, Advisory Services 
Funding Award Amount     $1 Million
Funding Source                        2012 Bond Program

For more information or to read the full report click here:  West Davis Corridor Study