Procurement Services

Procurement Services

Current Procurement Opportunities

Below is a list of current business opportunities with the City of Dallas.  Please refer to the City of Dallas' website to obtain additional information pre-proposal meetings to discuss the project with Department Representatives and/or Buyer.  Attending will give you an opportunity to network with prospective primes, sub- contractors, etc.

Master Agreements- are contracts entered into by the City and vendor to provide goods or services over a defined period of time at a pre determined price schedule.

Master Agreement By Buyer 8.20.18.xls


Short-Term Rental and Hotel Occupancy Tax Online – Commodity Code 97130 - (BUZ1902 – Due on 12/06/18, names of companies read on 12/07/18) NEW OPPORTUNITY!

Generator Purchase and Install – Commodity Codes 28539 (BN1904 – Due on 12/06/18, Opens 12/07/18) NEW OPPORTUNITY!

Hydraulic Valves, Pumps, Cylinders Repair or Rebuild – Commodity Codes 69157 (BN1907 – Due on 12/06/18, Opens 12/07/18) NEW OPPORTUNITY! 

OEM Car, Truck Refuse Parts and Labor – Commodity Codes 92900 (BN1901 – Due on 11/29/18, Opens 11/30/18) NEW OPPORTUNITY!

On-Site Heavy-Duty Truck Washing Services – Commodity Codes 48536 (BN1902 – Due on 11/29/18, Opens 11/30/18) NEW OPPORTUNITY!



City of Dallas Environmental Policy


Lobbying by bidders and proposers on city contracts. (dallas City code sec. 12a-15.8, subsection g) A person responding to a request for bids or request for proposals on a city contract shall not lobby a city council member either directly or

indirectly (through a representative, employee, or agent) from the time the advertisement or public notification of the request for bids or request for proposals is made until the time the contract is awarded by the city council. This

subsection does not prohibit a bidder or proposer from speaking at the city council meeting where the award of the contract is considered.  (Ord. 27748)