Procurement Services


​​Business Development & Procurement Services

For RFQs, RFPs, and RFCSPs contracts in excess of $250,000, the screening and/or selection committee will include a representative from the Business Inclusion and Development (BID) Plan. The BID staff will evaluate compliance in accordance with the BID Plan and award up to 15 points allowable as applicable.

It is the policy of the City of Dallas to involve Minority and Women Business Enterprises (M/WBEs) to the greatest extent feasible on the City’s construction, procurement and professional services contracts.


The following information shall be submitted with the proposal and shall include:

  • Submission of an Affirmative Action plan AND the Ethnic Workforce form. Note: There is no form attached for the Affirmative Action plan. You must submit your own.
  • Submission of documentation showing history of M/WBE​ utilization on previous contracts on the form provided.
  • Firms team make-up (Type of Work) includes a significant number of diverse M/WBE firms in meaningful roles on the project:
    • the name, address and telephone number of each M/WBE;
    • the description of the work to be performed by each M/WBE; and
    • the approximate dollar amount/percentage of the participation.
  • Evidence of acknowledgement of the City’s Business Inclusion and Development (GFE) Policy, signed BID affidavit that demonstrates intent to comply with the policy and evidence of M/WBE inclusion to meet the BID goal for the project.

Note: For the MS Excel and MS Word versions of these BID forms please download the compressed zip file (link above) to your computer.