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​Business Development & Procurement Services Calendar

​Upcoming Pre-Bid / Pre-Solicitations

3/21/20149:30am1500 Marilla St., Dallas, TX 75201 (3FS)BM1403 - Batteries & FlashlightsRFBSheila Smallwood
3/21/20142pm3202 Canton St.,
Dallas, TX (EBS
Building- Large Conf. Room)
BJ1405 - Vehicle &
Equipment Rental
RFBCarolyn Schwartz
3/26/201410am3387 Hawes Ave.,
Dallas, TX 75235
(Conf. Rm. A)
BKZ1421 - Lover Field
Rehabilitation and
Reconstruction Project
RFQDoug Shelton
3/26/201411am1500 Marilla St., Dallas, TX 75201 (3FS)BUZ1425 - Worksoft Software


Kent Brown
3/28/201410am1500 Marilla St., Dallas, TX 75201 (3FS)BT1405 - City of Dallas,
State of Texas, and
U.S. Flags
RFBEva Poon
3/28/20142pm1500 Marilla St., Dallas, TX 75201 (3FS)BJ1409 - Equipment
RFBCarolyn Schwartz

Please contact a member of the City of Dallas Resource Link Team for more information about any of these events via email at: or by phone at 214-670-3326.