Procurement Services

Procurement Services

The City Store sells police confiscated property, found or lost property and City surplus property to the public. The City surplus property is sorted as it is received and placed on the City's intranet for departmental notification. If the property is not transferred in a reasonable time, it is placed in the City Store for sale.

Sample list of items:  mountain bikes, electronics, clothing, cameras, hand tools, TVs, VCRs, radios, cell phones, etc.

Manager City Store/Auction Sales Agent

Santiago Andrade  Supervisor – City Store

 O: 214-670-6630 | C: 214-701-1780 or

Lone Star Auctioneers Website Link:

The City Store:​​

10903 Shady Trl. Suite175
 Dallas, TX 75220​

Lobbying by bidders and proposers on city contracts. (dallas City code sec. 12a-15.8, subsection g) A person responding to a request for bids or request for proposals on a city contract shall not lobby a city council member either directly or

indirectly (through a representative, employee, or agent) from the time the advertisement or public notification of the request for bids or request for proposals is made until the time the contract is awarded by the city council. This

subsection does not prohibit a bidder or proposer from speaking at the city council meeting where the award of the contract is considered.  (Ord. 27748)