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​Dallas Slow Streets

Ali Hatefi, Assistant Director:  214-948-4688

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In response to COVID-19, the City of Dallas is announcing a pilot grogram called Dallas Slow Streets. The program allows neighbors to nominate their streets as Slow Streets with a 30-day permit. At this moment, the City allows 10 neighborhoods to receive the designation on a first-come, first-approved, first-served rotation.

Based on programs in Kansas City, Missouri, and Austin, the initiative is designed with neighbors’ safety first. Slow Streets will be considered for low-traffic, neighborhood streets that must remain open to local traffic, emergency vehicles, and deliveries.

Dallas Slow Streets pilot program is in partnership with the City of Dallas, Better Block Foundation, Coalition for a New Dallas, BikeDFW, Amanda Popken Development, and Council office, District 1.

Why Slow Streets

Throughout COVID-19, vehicular traffic has reduced, while the need for spaces for people has increased. With the Dallas Slow Streets pilot program, we’re working to give neighborhoods a chance to slow down the streets in their communities by shutting them to thru traffic and opening them to activities such as walking, running, and bicycling while maintaining safe social distancing.

The program is a pilot that will allow the low traffic streets to be closed for 30 days during the COVID-19 pandemic, while maintaining the local traffic and emergency vehicles.