Public Works

Property Owner Petition Program​

Ali Hatefi, Assistant Director:  214-948-4688

Efrain Trejo, Manager II: 214-948-4162

Program Overview

The Property Owner Petition Program provides property owners with a method whereby unimproved streets, alleys, and sidewalks can be improved to urban standards which consists of concrete pavement, curb, sidewalk, drive approach, and any necessary storm drainage improvements.

  • The Property Owner Petition Program requires a sponsor (requesting citizen) to obtain signatures from 2/3rds majority of the abutting property owners with 50% of the property frontage, or 50% of the abutting property owners with 2/3rds of the property frontage.
  • Property owners who abut the improvement will pay for a portion of the cost which is based on the zoning, property width, and enhancement value to the property.
  • The cost will not have to be paid until the project is completed.
  • Community Development Block (CDBG) money may be available to assist low and moderate income residents with their assessments.
  • The petition sponsor will be provided with the petition forms and a list of all of the property owners.
  • A successful petition will be added to the City’s Needs Inventory List for inclusion in a future capital bond program.

Contact Information

To inquire about a petition, citizens may contact 214-948-4125.

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