Public Works

Street Light Maintenance​

​​How to Report Street Light Outages On-Line

The City of Dallas has a contract with ONCOR Electric Delivery to maintain 85,000 street lights citywide.   To expedite your repair, it is best to enter the information directly into the ONCOR customer service website.

You can connect to this website by selecting the first link below:

I WOULD LIKE TO REPORT A STREET LIGHT - Select this link to enter the ONCOR street light outage website and your request will be forwarded to an ONCOR street light repair technician.  ONCOR is required to repair this outage within 15 days.

I HAVE REPORTED this outage BEFORE and it has not been repaired  - Select this link to enter information regarding a street light that was previously reported but did not get repaired within 15 days.  Your request will be forwarded to City of Dallas staff to monitor the repair to completion and enforce contract requirements.