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​Disposal FAQs

Where can I dispose of needles?

Since the State of Texas doesn't require take-back programs for sharps, they can be difficult to dispose of. However,  there are guidelines for safe disposal that keep your family and City employees safe.  To safely dispose of needles, please see the guidelines below. 

  • Place needles and syringes in a hard plastic or metal container with a tightly secured lid and label it.Image result for needles
  • Keep the container out of the reach of children and pets.
  • When the container is full and ready to be disposed of, please reinforce the container with heavy-duty tape.
  • Dispose of the sealed container in the grey garbage roll cart.

For additional information on safe disposal, please see the TCEQ's Do's and Don'ts below.



Sharps containers can also be sent back to the manufacturer but some fees may apply. If the sharps container is completely sealed and labeled it may be taken to the Dallas County Home Chemical Collection Center.

Where can I dispose of medications?Medications.png

Periodically, the Dallas Police Department will coordinate medication collection events with local drug stores due to the strict regulations regarding medication collections.

When there is not a collection event, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration has issued federal guidelines on how to dispose of medications. For more information on how to dispose of unused medicines, Click Here.

Where can I take household hazardous waste?BOPA truck.jpg

Dallas residents can take their household hazardous waste to the Dallas County Home Chemical Collection Center.