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The Dallas City Council has passed a Multifamily Recycling Ordinance which goes into effect for all multi-family properties with 8 or more units, and all haulers collecting and transporting recyclable material within Dallas city limits, on January 1, 2020.

Reference guides, informational meetings for apartment owners and recycling haulers, and other resources to explain the ordinance, its provisions, and requirements are in development and will be posted at soon.  

For updates, please register using this link. (The link may need to be opened in Internet Explorer) 

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Do you have questions about recycling at a commercial property in Dallas? Contact the department's Zero Waste team at If you're interested in setting up recycling service, please call 3-1-1 (or 214-670-5111). ​

The Zero Waste team is also available to answer questions about starting a recycling program for your business, apartment, church or school. Recycling posters and flyers for your property can be found below.

 Become cetrified to promote and get your Green Business recognized. 

  •    Multifamily Properties
  •    Hotels​​
  •    Manufacturing Companies
  •    Distribution Centers, Warehouses
  •    Restaurants & Bars
  •    Office Buildings, Data Centers
  •    Hospitals
  •    Other (e.g. Barber Shops, Dealerships, etc.)

Click HERE for an update on the level of participation and diversion among commercial businesss in Dallas.

Starting a Recycling Program

Before you talk to a waste hauler, consider your property size, your operational needs and your recycling goals as well as access limitations on your property.

Questions to Consider

  1. Which recyclables will be the easiest to collect?
  2. How valuable are these recyclables?
  3. What materials currently being put in the trash can be diverted (e.g. cardboard, office paper, etc.)?
  4. Which employee or manager will be responsible for coordinating the recycling effort?
  5. Where can a potential recycling container be located?
  6. Will my current waste hauler be able to provide a recycling container?

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Recycling Provider

  • What types of materials do you accept?
  • What is the minimum amount of material you will collect?
  • Can you provide a waste audit to help us determine what can be recycled?
  • Can our recyclables be collected in a single container (e.g. single-stream) or do they need to be separated by type (e.g. cardboard, plastic and metal containers, etc.)?
  • Do you provide containers or bags for recyclables?
  • Do you provide outreach materials for tenants, guests or residents?
  • What is the rate for your recycling services? What happens if my property produces a larger amount of recyclables than expected?
  • Can my property reduce the size of the waste container or the frequency of waste collections (or both) by recycling?
  • Is it possible to partner with other organizations in our building/campus/facility?
  • How often can you collect recyclables? Is it on a set schedule (e.g. every week) or on-call?
  • Can you provide us with the monthly recycling tonnages?


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Manager Guides

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Flyers and Brochures

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