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Sanitation Services partners with the University of North Texas to provide environmental education to elementary and middle school students throughout Dallas. This program, the Environmental Education Initiative, has provided recycling education to schools throughout Dallas since 2006.

Ready to schedule a lesson? Click Here. Recycling topics include:Environmental Education Initiative

  • The importance of conserving and reusing Earth's natural resources
  • Recyclable items in the City of Dallas
  • Daily choices and behaviors for waste reduction and diversion
  • Municipal Solid Waste (diversion vs. landfill)


Do you recycle at home or at your apartment? Do you compost in yourGreen Leaders.jpg backyard? Ready to do more? The Zero Waste team is always looking for help. Reaching Zero Waste by 2040 is a long-term goal and the City will need your help along the way.

If you're interested in being a Green Leader, please email or call 214-670-4475.