Sanitation Services

​Sanitation Services






BOPA Collection 
Park in the Woods Rec Center
6801 Mountain Creek Pkwy,  
Dallas, TX 75249
​January 18th, 2020
​8am to 11am
BOPA Collection 
​​North Oak Cliff Branch Library
302 West Tenth St,  
Dallas, TX 75208
​February 8th, 2020
​​8am to 11am
BOPA Collection
P.L. Dunbar Lancaster-Kiest Branch Library
2008 East Kiest Blvd,  
Dallas, TX 75216
​March 14th, 2020
8am to 11am
BOPA Collection 
​​White Rock Hills Branch Library
9150 Ferguson Rd,  
Dallas, TX 75228
​April 11th, 2020
​​8am to 11am
HHW Collection
Red Bird Mall
3662 W. Camp Wisdom Rd.
Dallas, Texas 75237​
April 11th, 2020
​9am to 3pm
BOPA Collection
Kleberg-Rylie Branch Library
1301 Edd Rd,  
Dallas, TX 75253
​June 13th, 2020
​​​8am to 11am
BOPA Collection
Timberglen Branch Library
18505 Midway Rd,  
Dallas, TX 75287
​July 11th, 2020
​​​8am to 11am
BOPA Collection
Dallas West Branch Library
2332 Singleton Blvd,  
Dallas, TX 75212
​August 8th, 2020
​​​8am to 11am