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​Engineering/Surveying - Forms, Manuals, Procedures and Checklists

​General Manuals:
North Central Texas Standard Specifications Addendum
Pavement Cut and Repair Standards Manual

General Forms and Procedures:
Permitting Work Flow

Title Block:
Engineering Division Title Block (PDF)
Engineering Division Title Block (DWG)
Engineering Division Title Block (DGN)

Electronic Plan Review System (aka ProjectDox) Documents (Engineering Related Submittal Only):
Submittal Portal
Create Account Quick Reference Guide
Engineering Application Quick Reference Guide
Manage My Existing Project Quick Reference Guide
Drawing Filename Format

For questions concerning the EPRS, please contact a project coordinator at (214) 948-4337 or send an email to

Paving/Drainage Engineering:


The 2019 City of Dallas Street and Drainage Design Manuals and Street Process Manual are all in effect for projects with preliminary plats that were approved by City Plan Commission on or after October 1, 2019. If the infrastructure construction is not included in a city-approved private development contract within two years from the preliminary plat approval date, then the infrastructure must be redesigned using the most current criteria.

2019 Drainage Design Manual                                                                                                              
2019 Drainage Design Manual FAQ's
2019 Street Design Manual
2019 Street Process Manual
Thoroughfare Plan
Complete Streets Design Manual 
USACE Criteria For Construction within Fed. Flood Limits (Pamphlet 1150-2-1) October 2003 ver.
Off-Street Parking and Driveways Handbook
2002 Standard Construction Details                                                                                                                                                                    2021 Standard Construction Details (Paving and Drainage)                                                                                                                  2002 Standard Construction Details                                                                                                                                                                    2002 Standard Construction Details - with Signatures                                                                                                                            Traffic Sign Standards                                                                                                                                                                                                     1993 Drainage Design Manual                                                                                                                                                                                  1998 Paving Design Manual

Forms, Procedures, and Checklists:
Plan Review Submittal Procedures and Checklists (.pdf)
Traffic Engineering Review Checklist (.xlsx)
Drainage Report Template (.doc)
Drainage Report Template (.pdf)
Covenant Agreement - P/D
Trip Generation Worksheet (.pdf)
Trip Generation Worksheet (.xl)
Development Impact Review (DIR) Form
Indented Parking Form
Parklet Review Form
School Traffic Management Plan (TMP) Guidelines
Escarpment Application and Ordinance
Private Development Contracts
Inspection Certification (Sample Letter)

Survey Review Group:

Forms, Procedures and Checklists
Designated Noise Level (DNL) General Note Sample
Dedication - Corporate
Dedication - Municipal
Dedication - Private Street
Dedication - Private Owner
Dedication - Shared Access Area
Detention Area Easement Statement
Field Note Separate Instrument Checklist
Final Plat Review Checklist
Floodway Easement (within a common area) - Statement C
Floodway Easement - Statement D
Platting Memo of Understanding 
Notwithstanding Statements
Shared Access Area Easements - Instructions
Shared Access Area Easement - Statement
Tree Preservation Zone Statement

Water/Wastewater Engineering

DWU - Design and Construction Standards
Development Design Procedure and Policy Manual
Trench Repairs Ordinance 26263

Forms, Procedures, and Checklists

Pre-Submittal Phase

Submittal Phase

Post-Design Phase