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    Zoning and its regulations help ensure a city will grow and change in a managed, predictable way to help safeguard the health, safety and welfare of the general public.
    Zoning is the division of land into districts. These districts have uniform zoning regulations including those on land use, height, setbacks, lot size, density, coverage, and floor area ratio (FAR).

    Chart of the zoning rules (Chapter 51A Zoning District Standards, PDF format).
    You must have the appropriate zoning before you may build on your land. If the lot you want to build on is not properly zoned for your proposed development, you must obtain the proper zoning by filing an application for a zoning change. The process takes approximately 12 weeks and includes two public hearings.

    If you would like to file for a zoning change, it is recommended that you make an appointment with a planner before coming into the office. Call ​​(214) 670-4209 to make an appointment or for more information regarding the rezoning process.
    To find out the zoning for a particular property, please call Building Inspection at (214) 948-4480.

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For information on zoning applications and schedules, please contact the Current Planning Division at 214-670-4209.

Zoning Information Page