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​Requests for amendments to the Dallas Development Code are submitted to the Sustainable Development and Construction department. Requests are distributed to the planning staff, Building Inspection, developers and neighborhood groups for input. The Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee (ZOAC), which is a committee of the City Plan Commission, normally reviews all information that relates to the proposed amendment. This information includes the request and background information. ZOAC will hold a public hearing to receive input from interested parties and make a recommendation to the City Plan Commission. The City Plan Commission and City Council will also hold public hearings prior to any change to the Development Code. The City Council makes the final decisions on all Development Code amendments.

For information concerning the Development Code Amendments process call 214-670-4209.

Development Code Amendment Projects (all documents below are Adobe PDFs unless oted otherwise)

Downtown Video Boards

Downtown Wallscapes

forwardDallas! Form Base Code

Chapter 51 Codification – City Council Docket and Summary

Chapter 51 Codification – City Plan Commission Recommended Ordinance