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Applications for the subdivision of land must be submitted to the Subdivision Administrator by a Surveyor registered in the State of Texas.  This is not something a property owner can do on their own. Find more information about Property Platting here.


Subdivision of land is another way in which the zoning ordinance and other rules and regulations of the City of Dallas are adhered to.  When property is subdivided into multiple parcels it is then defined by lot and block number rather than meets and bounds descriptions for legal documents, thereby simplifying identification of a particular parcel for ownership and tax purposes.  Subdivision also includes the provision of facilities such as streets, alleys, water and sanitary sewer services as well as all other utilities.  A subdivision must meet the City's regulations regarding storm water runoff, protection of floodplain, tree preservation and protection of escarpment areas as well as all engineering standards set forth by the Department of Public Works.

Property must be subdivided prior to the issuance of a building permit for construction of any residential or commercial building.  Subdivision requirements are spelled out in the zoning regulations specified in Chapter 51A, the Dallas Development Code, of the Dallas City Code.

Platting Guidelines: MS Word or Adobe PDF
Platting Application: MS Word or Adobe PDF

Platting Checklist: Adobe PDF

Cut-off dates

The State of Texas requires that a preliminary plat be acted on by the governing body (in Dallas this is the City Planning Commission) within 30 days of the submission of the application.  If the application is not acted on within 30 days it is considered to be approved.

City Plan Commission Calendar

City Plan Commission

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