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Conservation and Historic Districts

​​Conservation Districts

A Conservation District is a zoning tool used to help communities protect certain characteristics in their neighborhood. Conservation Districts have existed in the City of Dallas since 1988. These districts exist primarily in East Dallas and Oak Cliff. They concentrate on protecting such things as architecture styles, densities of the area, heights of structures, and setback guidelines. The process to become a conservation district typically takes 12 – 18 months from the initial authorizing of a study until the adoption by the city council.

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Visit us here for additional details on City Ordinances and maps of Conservation Districts.

work review form is required before any permit can be issued.

Staff Contact: Margaret Fiskell, 214-948-4692

Historic Districts

The Historic Preservation Section provides services related to historic districts, historic structures, and potential historic districts and structures. These services include Landmark (historic) Designation, Certificates of Appropriateness (approval forms for work on landmark structures), and administering tax incentive programs within Historic Districts and on individual Historic Structures. For more information on Historic Preservation, Landmark Designation, Certificate of Appropriateness, or Tax Incentives, please use the contact information listed on our Historic Districts page. Go to the bottom of the page to download the Certificate of Appropriateness and Certificate of Eligibility application, or for more information about tax incentives.

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