Development Facilitation and Business Operations

​Development Facilitation and Business Operations


Oak Cliff Municipal Center
320 E. Jefferson Boulevard, Room 101
Dallas, Texas 75203

The Development Facilitation and Business Operations division of the Sustainable Development and Construction Department is responsible for managing the department's pre-development functions, processing of platting and subdivision requests, and the continual improvement initiative which includes internal controls and training.
Dallas Development Process


The City of Dallas created a flowchart depicting the development review process for new commercial construction and additions.  The flowchart is designed to be an asset for the development community, providing customers with a consistent and predictable map for planning and executing a project. 

The flowchart is designed to facilitate customers through each of the functions which may or may not be required for their desired scope of work.  Each of the functions are assigned a specific color corresponding to the City Departments and/or Divisions responsible for that area.  Customers navigate the flowchart by reading the questions posed within each subject, allowing them to evaluate their decision process to making more informed decisions with: 

  • Zoning
  • Legal Building Site (Platting)
  • Public Money Acquired
  • Permit Application Submittals
  • Permit Application Inspections

Each of these subjects is supported by a series of subcategories listing their associated time frames for:

  • Staff time; and/or
  • Board or Commission Decision; and/or
  • City Council Decision

​*Please note that most projects will NOT have to navigate all areas of the process as presented.  This is to be used as a resource tool only. 

To view and download the flowchart, please click here.​