Development Facilitation and Business Operations

Development Facilitation and Business Operations


​We offer Predevelopment Meetings to assist you with planning your proj​ect for successful development and to navigate you through the permit process.  Services include coordination for development projects, troubleshooting, and problem solving to address issues that may occur during the development process. ​​Our Project Coordinators will help you determine what agencies and processes you will need to successfully complete your project. The following list includes many of the most common groups:

City of Dallas:

  • Sustainable Development and Construction Department
    • Current Planning Division
    • Real Estate Division
    • Building Inspection Division
    • Engineering Division
  • City Attorney
  • Mobility and Street Services Department
  • Park and Recreation Department
  • Office of Economic Development
  • Dallas Water Utilities

Click the link to download the Predevelopment Application and Checklist (Revised 3/15/21)

Status of meeting calendar:   

** Currently scheduling the 4th week of June**

​​The cost of each predevelopment meeting is determined by the size of the project.

​Project​ Size ​​Cost
​0 - 25,000 sf ​​$250
​25,001 sf - 50,000 sf ​$500
​50,001 sf or more ​$750

Oak Cliff Municipal Center, 320 E. Jefferson Boulevard, Room 101 
Sustainable Development & Construction / Building Inspection 
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