Historic Preservation

McCree Cemetery

9934 Audelia Rd

McCree Cemetery was officially deeded in 1866 and contains the graves of Peters Colonists, pioneer settlers, war veterans, freedmen from the surrounding hamlets of Audelia, Rodgers, and Egypt (a.k.a. Little Egypt), and members of the early area Methodist and Baptist churches. The original owners were E. H. McCree and Mahulda Bonner McCree, who had purchased several acres of land from the Hustead Survey.  Mahulda granted 1 ½ acres to William McCullough and James E. Jackson in June 1866 for a public graveyard.  In June 1896, J. E. Griffin sold one acre of land, adjacent to the cemetery on the east, to three African-American men (Jeff Hill, George John, and Monroe Parker) for the establishment of an African-American cemetery.  The cemetery was used by decedents of the original settlers up until the 1980s, and the last burial was in 1982.  McCree Cemetery is no longer active or in use.  

Designations: Dallas Landmark (2018), State Historic Marker Program (1985)

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State Historic Marker Text (Texas Historical Commission)