Historic Preservation

North Dallas High School

3120 N. Haskell Avenue

North Dallas High School was built in 1920 in the Romanesque Revival style that was very popular for educational buildings constructed during this period. By 1922, Dallas had four high schools. The fourth, North Dallas, opened that year. At the time, the school was so far outside of the city that it was almost considered to be "in the woods." Situated on a cornfield, 794 students enrolled for the first year, most of them transfers from Dallas High School (Crozier Tech). North Dallas High School graudated many notable people including Tex Avery, creator of Bugs Bunny; and most of the Martinez family who founded Dallas-based El Fenix Restaurants.
 Ordinance #24652

Designations: Dallas Landmark (2001),  State Historic Marker​ Program (2008)

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