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​Current Planning

​Code Amendments

Amendments to the Dallas Development Code are processed by the Sustainable Development and Construction Department.  Requests for amendments may be submitted by City Council, City Plan Commission, City staff or the public by application.

The Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee (ZOAC), a committee of and appointed by the City Plan Commission (CPC), reviews, discusses, and evaluates all information relating to the development of the regulations for the proposed amendment.  ZOAC generally meets on a regular schedule, following the same meeting schedule as CPC.  The meetings are open to the public; however, the discussion is between staff and the committee members, with the Chair generally inviting public comment on the discussion item at the end of the meeting.  After thorough consideration of the proposed amendment, ZOAC makes a recommendation to CPC.  The proposed amendment is then placed on the CPC agenda for public hearing and, upon approval, it goes to City Council for a public hearing.  The City Council makes the final decision on all Development Code amendments.

For information regarding the Development Code amendment process you may contact Donna Moorman at (214) 670-4130.

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2019 ZOAC Agendas and Minutes