Current Planning

​Current Planning

​Mixed Income Housing Development Bonus (MIHDB)

The Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee is considering amendments to Dallas Development Code Chapter 51A-4.1100 Mixed Income Housing, to support and align with the One Dallas Options program within the City of Dallas Comprehensive Housing Policy.

These proposed changes to Chapter 51A are part of a larger initiative supported by the City Manager and staff to create a program called One Dallas Options. This program, essentially an expansion of the existing Mixed Income Housing Development Bonus (MIHDB) program, adds additional incentives to encourage market-rate developers to build mixed income housing or to contribute to a new One Dallas Fund to be used to further the goals of the Comprehensive Housing Policy.

One Dallas Options provides a set of incentives – regulatory, administrative, and financial – in exchange for provision of dwelling units that are reserved for families earning less than the Area Family Median Income. The October 21, 2021 case report below contains more detailed information related to the One Dallas Options program and how the proposed amendments to Chapter 51A support and align with the program.

For more information, please contact Steven Doss, AICP at (214) 671-8058 or via email at