Current Planning

​Current Planning - Authorized Hearings

​Elm Thicket (Z167-395)

This area is currently zoned a CR Community Retail District, a CS Commercial Service District, a D(A) Duplex District, an IR Industrial Research District, an LO-1 Limited Office District, an MC-1 Multiple Commercial District, an MF-2(A) Multifamily District, a P(A) Parking District, an R-7.5(A) Single Family District, an R-10(A) Single Family District, a TH-2(A) Townhouse District, and a TH-3(A) Townhouse District, and Planned Development District Nos. 67, 326, 515, 659, 670, 771, 814, and 947. Map

Planned Development District No. 67
Exhibit A

For more information, please contact Nathan Warren, Senior Planner, at (214) 670-4195 or via email at


Steering Committee
Doug Brewer
Andrew Renteria
Diane Johnson
Elaine Chambers
Gus Perez
Pattie Walker
Mark Rieves
Danny Rose
Tally Roberson
Thomas Barrow
Vivek Anand