Current Planning

​Current Planning

  • Planned Development District No.305 was established by Ordinance No. 20546, passed by the Dallas City Council on January 10, 1990 and it comprises 168.33 acres.
  • On March 22, 2018, the City Plan Commission authorized a public hearing to determine proper zoning on property zoned Subarea C-1 within Subdistrict C; Subareas D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4, and D-5 within Subdistrict D; and subdistricts E, E1, E2, F, G, H, H1 of Planned Development District No. 305 (an area generally located on both sides of North Central Expressway with Carroll Avenue to the north, Hall Street to the south, Turtle Creek Boulevard to the west, and Ross Avenue to the east and consisting of approximately 116.62 acres) with consideration being given to appropriate zoning for the area to amend the allowed square footage for nonresidential uses. Authorization
  • For information or questions regarding the proposed changes, please contact the applicant's representative:
    Baldwin Associates, LLC.
    Rob Baldwin
    (214) 729-7949
  • For information or questions regarding the existing zoning or the process, please contact Carolina G. Yumet at (214)670-4525 or via email at