Current Planning

​Current Planning - Authorized Hearings

​Planned Development District No. 317 (Z167-311)

This area is currently zoned Planned Development District No. 317, the Cedars Area Special Purpose District, CA-1(A) Central Area District, and Planned Development District No. 715, generally bound by Interstate Highway 45, the DART Rail right-of-way, the Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way, the northwestern side of Interstate Highway 30 from Union Pacific Railroad to Griffin Street, Canton Street between Griffin Street and Ervay Street, Ervay Street, the northern border of the Interstate Highway 30 right-of-way between Ervay Street and St. Paul Street, and Interstate Highway 30. Map

For more information, please contact Donna Moorman at 214-670-4130 or via email at


City Council – tentatively February 10, 2021

City Plan Commission Hearing – November 5, 2020 (approved with CPC recommendations)
Case Report
Draft Ordinance


​ ​Steering Committee
Name Group Association
Phillip RobinsonCNA President, Cedars TIF, Cedars Homeowner
Michael BarrettTIF, TOD TIF
Michael PrzekwasCedars Resident, Cedars Neighborhood Association, HOA President
Todd HowardTH+A Architects
Melissa PrycerDallas Heritage Village, FM TIF
Mark MartinekDeveloper/rehab specialist/Cedars Homeowner
Brad Friedman Developer, Builder, representing multiple developers, Cedars Resident
Audra BuckleyRepresentative from Frank Lu, developer
Brian JenningsKeystone Development
Kristian TelekiMatthews Southwest
Doug Caudill  
Mark Rieves 
Benton Payne