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​Valley View - Galleria Area Special Purpose District (Z189-357)

Planned Development District No. 887: Valley View - Galleria Area Special Purpose District (Z189-357)

This area is currently zoned Planned Development District No. 887, the Valley View - Galleria Area Special Purpose District, generally bounded by LBJ Freeway, Inwood Road, Alpha Road, Barton Drive, Southern Boulevard, and Preston Road. Map

General Information

Current Zoning Regulations

Exhibit 887A: District and Subdistricts Map

Exhibit 887B: Open Space Plan

Exhibit 887C: Streets Plan

Exhibit 887D: Subarea 3A Development Plan

Exhibit 887E: Subarea 6A Development Plan

Exhibit 887F: Subarea 1D Development Plan

Exhibit 887G: Subarea 1D Landscape Plan

For more information, please contact Steven Doss at 214-671-8058 or via email at 

  • Date TBD – First Community Meeting
    Meeting information will be posted here when available

  • September 19, 2019 – City Plan Commission authorized a public hearing to determine proper zoning in the area.
    Case Report