Current Planning

​Current Planning - Authorized Hearings

​Vickery Meadow (Z167-378)

An area generally bound by Walnut Hill Lane to the north, North West Highway to the south, Pineland Drive to the east and Greenville Avenue to the west.

This area is currently zoned an MU-2 Mixed Use District, an MU-3 Mixed Use District, an MO-1 Mid-range Office District, an L1 Light Industrial District, an NS(A) Neighborhood Service District, a CR Community Retail District an MF-1(A) Multifamily District, an MF-2(A) Multifamily District, an MF-3(A) Multifamily District, an TH-3(A) Townhouse District, a GO(A) General Office District, an R-7.5 (A) Single Family District, and Planned Development Subdistrict Nos. 65, 85, 182, 267, 344, 476, 488, 529, 530, 531, 592, 720, and 984. Map

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