Strategic Business Unit

Strategic Business Unit


The Strategic Business Unit, a division of Sustainable Development and Construction hosts   pre-development meetings to assist potential applicants with planning of a successful development and to help them navigate through the permit process. Services include coordination for development projects, troubleshooting, and problem solving to address issues that may occur during the development process.

These meetings are not meant to offer every detail associated with the development process; rather, a tool for City personnel and the applicant to share information. We want the applicant to understand the next steps of the process, as well as any major concerns and applicable ordinances. This isn't a review meeting; it's an advising meeting.

Staff is available for follow-up after the pre-development meeting, which is a one-hour virtual meeting. At the meeting, staff representatives from the following divisions/departments will be present:

    • Subdivision & Platting
    • Zoning
    • Engineering (Paving & Grading)
    • Engineering (Traffic & Transportation)
    • Engineering (Water & Wastewater)
    • Fire Department
    • Building Code
    • Landscape
    • Other trades, as needed

Click here for the framework of a typical pre-development meeting.

To schedule a pre-development meeting, please see below:
Click the link to download the Predevelopment Application.

After the meeting has been held, the facilitator will compile staff's comments concerning the specific project and provide them to the applicant within five business days from when the meeting is held.

Pre-Development Meeting Availability:
*Currently scheduling the 1st week of August*

​​The cost of each predevelopment meeting is determined by the size of the project.

​Project​ Size ​​Cost
​0 - 25,000 sf ​​$250
​25,001 sf - 50,000 sf ​$500
​50,001 sf or more ​$750

Contact Us​​​

Please feel free to contact any of our team members or visit us at our office located at the Oak Cliff Municipal Center - 320 E. Jefferson Blvd, Room 101 Dallas, TX 75203.

Kevin Delgado
Project Coordinator - Development 
Office: 214-948-4336

Misty Nelson
Project Coordinator - Development 
Office: 214-948-4514

Nikki Dunn
Project Coordinator - Development 
Office: 214-948-4366

Willie G. Franklin Jr.
Project Coordinator - Development 
Office: 214-948-4147