​Tanya Brooks, Mobility Planning Assistant Director 

Tanya Brooks_Photo_2016.jpg

Tanya Brooks is the Assistant Director responsible for the Mobility Planning Division in the City of Dallas' Department of Transportation. She began working for the City of Dallas in 1999, in Transportation Planning in the Departments of Public Works and Transportation, Sustainable Development and Construction, Planning and Urban Design, Mobility and Street Services, and the Department of Transportation. She oversees the Mobility Planning Division activities covering a wide range of services that are essential to the economic viability and future growth of the City.

The division is responsible for roadway planning and conceptual design, analysis of transit and freeway corridor interface, streetcar planning and development, and bicycle and trail programming.

Mrs. Brooks was a pioneer in the City of Dallas advocating for streets as corridors for all modes of transportation and was designated as the Project Manager for the Complete Streets Initiative. She specializes in Complete Streets planning, conceptual design and project implementation, especially the retrofitting of existing transportation corridors. She is an accomplished leader in forming multi-disciplinary teams to enhance how multi-modal transportation networks contribute to healthy, vibrant and livable communities by creating streets that facilitate walking and bicycling.

The Complete Streets Design Manual was adopted by the Dallas City Council on January 27, 2016. The Complete Streets Design Manual received the 2015 Urban Design Award from the Greater Dallas Planning Council in December 2015.

Mrs. Brooks works in collaboration with Dallas Area Rapid Transit, North Central Texas Council of Governments, Dallas County, Texas Department of Transportation, McKinney Avenue Transit Authority, where she is currently a Board member, and several city departments to develop and implement a comprehensive and efficient multi-modal transportation system.

Mrs. Brooks holds a Master of Public Policy from the University of Northern Iowa and received her Bachelor of Science in Transportation from Southern University at New Orleans, Louisiana.